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How to get more refresh

Hi guys, new to the community here and relevantly new to the Dresden Files RPG (and RPGs in general).  I'm looking for ideas for my character.  I'm a White Court Virgin at the moment, and I'd like to eventually graduate to being a full White Court, but the way we have it set up so far with the amount of refresh we have and the powers I'm not willing to give up, I need to find a way to give myself extra refresh if I want to actually be able to PLAY it, instead of just transcending at the very end of the character's arc.  There's not really a way to do that given in the RPG books, according to our GM, who is the only one who has read them so far, but he tells me I'm basically going to have to make up things that could be used against me to get extra refresh.  So I'm here asking, any ideas/suggestions?


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Jul. 5th, 2013 02:08 am (UTC)
Well, there are a few things, here.

First, you should straight-up confront your GM and see if he's being passive-aggressive about this. If he really doesn't think a full WCV is good for his campaign, he should simply say so, and negotiate from there. The rules, particularly in FATE, are intended to be bent. If he's fine with it, and the other players are fine with it, then it should be allowed, regardless of what the book says. If he's using the rules as an excuse to not have to just say no to you, then that's not a good way to negotiate.

Second, as you play you will get more refresh. You get one additional refresh for every major milestone you complete. (By way of comparison, Harry crossed a major milestone every 2-3 books.) So, you may have to play for a while before you have enough refresh to "safely" become a full WCV.

Third, if you want the additional refresh now, you may need to take flaws for it. Note, this is NOT an official rule. But, flaws basically work like reverse stunts, or permanent consequences. You would come up with handicaps that your character suffers from, to counter-balance the extra powers you receive. This might be a phobia, or an extra catch to your immunity, or an actual physical handicap like being blind or lame. This is not an official rule precisely because, historically, such rules are easily abused, even unintentionally. Players will arrange events to avoid having their flaws come into play, or forget (or "forget") to remind the GM when they do. But, if your GM does want to balance you out numerically, it is a house rule that could work for you.
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