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The Entertainment Capitol of the World!

Here is our update on Las Vegas in the Dresden Verse. New bits:


VooDoo Lounge

On top of the Rio Hotel/Casino, which in the Dresdenverse is the tallest Casino in Las Vegas, 113 floors. The Lounge perches on the roof over a giant magical lightning rod that disperces magical energie through the entire building... allowing wizards to travel high speed elevators safely... or at least mostly safely.


Let your inner party animal out. (The VooDoo is a place to cut loose, dance and loose your inhibitions. Crazy attire, crazy dancing and "unusual" appearances are welcome)

Discrete Inquiries; Apply Within. (In the shadows, watching the festivities are always people who have come to trade information. Due to the noise of the music and the natural protection from thaumaturgy, the Lounge is a safe place to hold very private discussions.

You only start trouble once. (Ricky clawed her way up from being a dancer and now owns the Lounge. You can often find her behind the bar and she's friendly enough when people don't go to far. Those who do are reminded that you can't quite hit terminal velocity from a 1000 foot drop, but you can get pretty close).


Ricky - She’s got a story to tell. Owner of the Voodoo Lounge

J.D. - Supervisor of a Courier service specializing in bets. He’s the guy in the corner that knows what you’re talkin’ about.

Fremont Street Experience

Old Vegas. Yes its been given a face lift with a shiny new roof, but this is the place where you can still feel the old heart of the city beating... and you can get a beating if you step down the wrong alley. The only major toe hold the mob still has in Vegas, this place is a popular hang out, but not a place you want to be alone.


Vegas in the good old days. (As Steven Wynn reformes vegas into the "Entertainment Capitol of the World", in here it's still Sin City)

You’re only safe under the lights. (Yep, by good old we mean mobsters. Keep your chin up, stay out of trouble and you'll be fine, Miss a beat and it might be dangerous)


Patrick “Paddy” Finn - Irish mobster with a chip on his shoulder against the Italians.

Grandpa Tony - Owner of a popular Pizza parlor. But his shop is in debt and he’s too proud to say anything.

Las Vegas Country Club Resort

The home of indulgence, where you're ever need with be met. While the Whales enjoy the strip, the tourists deprave themselves, the upper crust go to the country club. Big business deals are made and broken on the green.


Power plays on the back 9. (The most powerful people in Vegas and the most important deals are made at the country club)

Ridiculous Luxury (You will want for nothing while attending, provided you can foot the bill)


Sakura Ota - Masseuse (Sakura is a small Japanese woman who knows every pressure point in the human body. She is an expert at holistic medicine)

Miles Hayworth - Country Club Maitre d’ (You want to play 18 holes, you go through Miles. He can be your best friend or ruin your life, and he's done both before without loosing sleep).



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