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How to get more refresh

Hi guys, new to the community here and relevantly new to the Dresden Files RPG (and RPGs in general).  I'm looking for ideas for my character.  I'm a White Court Virgin at the moment, and I'd like to eventually graduate to being a full White Court, but the way we have it set up so far with the amount of refresh we have and the powers I'm not willing to give up, I need to find a way to give myself extra refresh if I want to actually be able to PLAY it, instead of just transcending at the very end of the character's arc.  There's not really a way to do that given in the RPG books, according to our GM, who is the only one who has read them so far, but he tells me I'm basically going to have to make up things that could be used against me to get extra refresh.  So I'm here asking, any ideas/suggestions?

Templates and variations

I was reading some of the bonus adventures online, and I noticed that with a few subtle changes the writers created an Emissary of the Muses who can Incite Inspiration. I'm just curious as to what concepts you've created like alternate weres, emissaries, and other beings you've created or seen in play.

Cassandra's Tears within the party.

We've been playing a Dresden Files RPG for a few months now, and we recently ran into a strange conundrum. One party member has Cassandra's Tears, and he's been trying to be a good sport about not just blurting his visions unhindered to the party. However this isn't really in keeping with one of his aspects and frankly limits the potential storytelling of the power.

The book suggests a -2 penalty when trying to convince others of your visions. However the roll itself isn't clear. My first thought is rapport or intimidation (depending on his tone) -2 vs. a social defense, but this means empathic characters are resistant to him when I feel like they should be the best judges of character. Doing the opposite and having him try to roll under their score would reward him for keeping bad social scores. Any thoughts on how to resolve such a roll?

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Dresden Files

How old is the Fellowship of St. Giles?

Does anyone here have any idea how far back the Fellowship of St. Giles goes?

I'm making up pregen characters for a 1960s DFRPG con adventure, and one of them is a Red Court Infected Vietnam survivor. I'm working on his background, and wondering if I can include the Fellowship in it or not. I'd like to, because it makes things easier, but if they're a more recent organization, I'm going to have to come up with another reason to keep him from turning into a full RC vampire (and thus becoming unplayable).
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Suggested High Concepts for pregens in a one-shot DFRPG game?

Hi all!

I'm working on a one-shot DFRPG game set in the USA in the mid-to-late 1960s for my local gaming con next spring, and I'm having trouble finding inspiration for the pregenerated characters. I've got a White Court Vampire who's into Free Love and an idea for a Wizard, but beyond that, I'm drawing a blank.

Would anyone like to suggest some more ideas (I just need High Concepts, not full-fledged characters)? I'd like them to have a Sixties flavor if possible. :)

A Dream Date With the Dresden Crew

Originally posted by dfrpgfeed at A Dream Date With the Dresden Crew



Going to GenCon? Get a chance to hang out with some of the Dresden Files RPG development team at the ENnies by bidding on the “dream date” auction here:


You’ll get to accompany editing dynamos Amanda Valentine and Ryan Macklin, Nevermore author Clark Valentine, and possibly lead developer Leonard Balsera at the ceremony, and ask them all your favorite questions about the game. Your bid goes to support the ENnies themselves.